Stroud Brewery – Wall Art

  • Commercial Illustration
  • Brand Identity
  • Community
  • Graphic Design
  • Public Art Installation

Over lockdown 1, Stroud Brewery invited me to paint. To take advantage of their large empty walls in their large empty premises (closed to the public due to Covid restrictions) and to enjoy free reign to make my mark.

The experience has provided me with a creative reason and structure during such free-falling times, and opened my eyes to the dedicated attention to detail and the clarity of purpose that is Stroud Brewery. Kind and professional, this collection of liquid crafters welcomed me into their fold, working hard alongside to keep their ship afloat during this first wave of the Covid pandemic.

These unusual times have opened up opportunities to step outside the normal and to try something fresh. My work brings a contemporary twist to the urban yet grounded neutrality of the metal, wood and concrete building, balancing the existing craftsmanship with a modern forward looking aesthetic – in line with the future proof aspirations of this thriving business.

Take away work is for sale. Mural work is for keeps.