Tewkesbury Leisure Centre

Commissioned by Tewkesbury Borough Council to design and create an eye catching and innovative public art installation to adorn the newbuild Tewkesbury Leisure Centre. The work was to act as a sign post and aesthetic adornment to enhance and resonate with public expectation and necessity.

  • Public Art Installation
  • Art & health
  • Community
  • Brand Identity
  • Workshops

Clarity and originality cohabit in this design. With a wide ranging demographic, the art work was to inspire, reassure, resonate and engender local pride. My approach was to create a sculptural relief that was both contemporary in feel, yet accessible, fun and assuring across the board.


The design resembles a flow of water droplets referencing the local rivers without and the swimming pools within, with swimmers of all ages and genders represented among the stylised ‘water’ disks. Working within the community, a series of community workshops fed my creative input for this significant public art installation.


My choice of materials was governed by both aesthetic and practical considerations. To my eyes this art work was to look sharp, clean, clear, precise and colourful. It also needed strength, longevity, no maintenance and to be vandal proof.

Project managing the fabrication and evolution of this work was part of my brief. Managing budgets, identifying, engaging and liaising with steel engineers, external metal screen printers/ etchers, and a powder coating company resulted in a sympathetic and streamlined aesthetic. Guaranteed to 10years minimum.

In a nut shell –

Client brief: An original sculptural art work to include signage for the newbuild Tewkesbury Leisure Centre. The design must be sympathetic to its community and physical surroundings. Guaranteed for up to 10years.

Materials: Stainless steel disks; screen printed details; powder coated letters and coloured disks.

Process: Liaison; concept design; community workshops; final design; conversion into Adobe Illustrator for full technical working scale drawings; steel fabrication; acid etch and screen printed character detail onto brushed steel finish; powder coated 2 tone 3D letters; powder coated coloured disks; full scale printed plan; installation including individually drilled plugs for each disk, accommodating budget and potential replacement of separate elements in case of vandalism.