Prema Arts Café

Creating a visual identity for Prema Arts Café was a delight. Reflecting the outgoing and openhearted ethos of the business, my design work was playful and openly accessible.

  • Brand Identity
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Design
  • Merchandising
  • Publication
  • Web Graphics

Establishing the Fox as the primary logo, my time with the cafe enabled me opportunity and exploration into creative, inventive and show stopping graphics. Over the three and a half years of its lifetime, my art work grew in step with the necessary aspirations of the café itself. Responding to new initiatives and marketing opportunities as they arose. The light-hearted fun nature of my drawings played out in signage; instore hand painted wall graphics; business cards; fliers; postcards; badges; table ware; temporary exhibition; web graphics and Tee shirts. Each incarnation of the Prema Arts Café characters brought a smile to customers and staff alike.

Appealing to all ages, I sought to retain an integrity and acute professionalism in all my design work for Prema Arts Café. Fitting within established arts centre Prema Arts Centre, the bar was pitched high as a bastion of excellence.

An additional offshoot to my work for Prema Arts Café was the commissioning of two sets of sand blast internal glass door panels to be installed as an entrance to the cafe and to the main workshop space within the arts centre.

This process required meticulous design, stencil cutting and application of the sand blast technique, all by hand. The finished articles (on reinforced safety glass) catch the light brilliantly. The two-tone effect of clear and opaque glass is understated yet crisp, clean and clear. The detail corresponds well with the strong overall design.

The panels are approx. 1500mm x 80mm each.