Peugeot – Design Your Life

  • Commercial Illustration
  • Graphic Design
  • Publication, Publicity

The brief for the Peugeot 108 advertising campaign was to create a dynamic, contemporary and illustrative Street Art backdrop, to be photographed, filmed and documented as part of a Peugeot 108 launch in 2015. Additionally, still photography from the shoot  was to feature heavily in the 2015 Rapport magazine for Peugeot.

Information and specifications of the new 108 studied, the result was a 2 day time-lapse film in collaboration with Bristol based Polite Graffito colleague, Simon Mills.

Picture the scene. A huge infinity studio. White. Clean. Clear. An empty canvas.

Instructions were to ‘do our thing’. To paint, draw – live and at speed – up to and around a pristine new vehicle. To create a drawn environment that was fun, engaging, edgy and intriguing for the car to inhabit.

With go-pros and cameras strapped to our bodies, drones flying overhead, Simon and I worked collaboratively, intermingling our images. Drawing at scale and to impress, we created an improvised scene for the final video and stills.

Pre-designed images of key Peugeot 108 characteristics were incorporated into the scene. Still photography from the shoot feature heavily in the 2015 Rapport magazine and form a significant component to my portfolio.