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During lockdown I created 3 short graphic books under the collective name of Lockdown Graphics. As a cross over between zine, comic strip and poetic illustration, each book sits in a select position of popular zeitgeist current affairs and everyday humanity. They are gentle, obliquely humorous and very topical.

Published by Yew Tree Press of Stroud, Lockdown Graphics are about being alive and ‘normal’. They are about feeling feelings, and that being ok. The simple easy graphics and minimal text directs them to all readers open to illustration as a means in itself for suggestion and simple story telling.

These short books represent a snapshot of the lockdown mindset for many everyday people. They are intended to reflect the mundanity, monotony and seeming absurdity of staying at home and doing very little in our usual busy, task driven world. They are an ordinary yet poignant illustration of isolation and how it is getting to us third time around.

The chosen illustration style for these books is direct and largely unedited. A poetic stream of consciousness.