Flourish (Case Study)

Gloucestershire Artlift and MacMillan Cancer Support

  • Arts and Health
  • Community
  • Workshops

Selected Artist to deliver key Art and Health intervention

Flourish, in partnership with Macmillan, re-launched in April 2018. We ran two courses, one at The Museum in the Park in Stroud and the other at the GL11 Community Hub in Cam. Both were made brilliant by the people who participated (with a little help from our fantastic artist, Imo).”

As the solo artist teaching within this scheme, the responsibility to create a positive, open minded yet held space was firmly on my shoulders. Participants attend in a vulnerable state and are variably looking for support, distraction, relaxation, warmth and encouragement. My task is to provide these professionally and empathetically through my interpersonal skills and contagious enthusiasm for drawing and art.

Holding the space with creative purpose and friendly nurture is key.

Flourish is based on the Gloucestershire Artlift project, and is targeted at participants who are living with or beyond cancer. It is a joint programme between Gloucestershire Artlift and MacMillan Cancer Support. Flourish is a referral scheme that aims to improve the health and wellbeing of patients through an 8-week art course.

A full evaluation of Flourish was undertaken by The University of Gloucestershire 2017/2018 on behalf of Gloucestershire Artlift and MacMillan Cancer support.